Type B Industrial Appliance Inspections


Experienced Type B Gas Appliance Inspector, licenced with EnergySafety WA

Experienced Type B Gas Appliance Inspector, licenced with EnergySafety WA

How do you know if you have an appliance that needs to be inspected/ certified?

A Type ‘B’ gas appliance must be individually certified and cannot be connected to the gas supply without the approval of an inspector. If a Type ‘B’ Gas appliance is re-located it will require re-certification.

What is a Type B Appliance?

Type B appliance means an appliance that has a maximum hourly input rate exceeding 10 MJ but is neither a Type A gas appliance nor a mobile engine

The Type B Inspection Process

Type B appliances are required to certified on-site, so I come out to your premises in conjunction with an appropriately licensed gas fitter. Time frames for Type ‘B’ inspections vary, depending on the complexity of the appliance, the process and the location. Bear in mind, if relocated, Type B appliances will need to be re-certified.

Payment arrangements for Type ‘B’ inspections are agreed prior to commencement.

What will happen if I don’t get an appliance certified?

You may incur penalties and risk the safety of yourself, loved ones and/or employees in the event of an incident. Insurance cover may be affected if the uncertified appliance was found to have caused or contributed to any loss.

Do you guarantee certification?

I guarantee to carry out a thorough inspection process as required by the regulations, but I cannot guarantee that your appliance will meet to requirements of the appropriate Standard and be subsequently certified without modification or remedial work being performed.

Need more information about Type B Appliance Certification in Western Australia?

EnergySafety WA is a division of the Western Australian Government Department of Commerce. For more detailed information about the certification and approval of Type B gas appliances, go here.